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The interest in Kashubia started to grow in the mid-nineteenth century thanks to Florian Ceynowa, who was the pioneer in the field of the Kashubian studies. To a large extent, this interest grew thanks to the works by Aleksander Fiodorowicz Hilferding, who was well-known in the Slavic circles, and also Karl Gottlob von Anthon, Hieronim Derdowski, Leon Biskupski, Friedrich Lorentz and Stefan Ramułt. Our Project’s aims is to present their works as well as the contribution of all their successors.

In the past, „the Kashubian problem“ lay in the orbit of Polish-German political and cultural relations and conflicts. The underlying reason for that was the existence of the two big nations in this part of the Baltic Pomerania as well as their attitude towards Gdańsk, the main cultural and economic centre of the region. Today, the problem is being „sorted out“ first of all within the Kashubian community, its friends and supporters.

In this project we hope to familiarise you with the issues in the best possible way by presenting the works of the most recognised experts.

Finally, the Project’s aim is the contribution to building new relationships among Slavic nations, particularly the Serbs and peole belonging to the Kashubian cultural circle. We also wish to provide you with both the newest and the old but still little-known information about Kashubia. Our ambition is to become the most important source of information about the Kashubians and the Kashubian land.

Editorial staff

Editor-in-chief of Rastko-Kaszuby Project: Dušan-Vladislav Paždjerski
Editorial board: prof. dr hab. Jerzy Treder, dr Jan Mordawski, mgr Paweł Szczypta
Graphic design: Nenad Petrović
Programming: Mihailo Stefanović
Converting text and graphic materials into a digital form: D. V. Paždjerski, co-editors and text givers.
Proofreading: D. V. Paždjerski, Ewelina Chacia and the authors, unless not signed with a different name.

Production: TIA Janus, Belgrad
Executive editor: Zoran Stefanović
The initial stage of the Project lasted from July 2003 to January 2004.

The initial stage of the Project was aided by

Józef Borzyszkowski
Wydawnictwo Czec, Gdańsk
Jarosław Elwart
Eugeniusz Gołąbek
TIA „Janus“
Instytut Kaszubski
Wojciech Kiedrowski
Jan Mordawski
Cezary Obrach-Prondzyński
Centrum Kultury Kaszubskiej „Remus“
Wydawnictwo Region, Gdynia
Paweł Szczypta
Jerzy Treder
The University of Gdańsk
The authors of the texts and their heirs

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